Music is life

Music is what music does
It lifts you high, it winds you up
It puts you down, lays you to sleep
Music does, as music please

And if you can, of music, take stead
the souls of men are yours to be fed
with the lure of lust, and the gravity of grief
with the beauty that surrounds us, the one we miss, the one you see.

For music is but the language of the heart
Melancholy strains of a heavenly harp
that takes us away, if only for a while
to savor the moment that makes life divine.

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I’ll shake your hand as you shake mine

Friend, you were by my side,
through wind and hail and rain and snow
from the sunny hills to the stormy shore
Friend, you were there, friend, you cared.

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You love but once

All you need is a paper and a pen,
to pour out your heart, and make journey’s begin
For lover’s to part, for mother’s to cry
for the sweet mockingbird to sing, as she watches life fly by

Heart is something you and I ,
we both were meant to have
while you got yours to truly love (another)
mine lay wondering, alone and sad

You walked on forth, spread your wings, took flight
as I reached out behind your shadow, watching it fade into the far twilight
and only the brisk wind did I catch, which heaved against me with all its might
the same that lifted you away, beyond the darkness of my night.

And the mockingbird, it sang away
telling stories yet untold
and watching me wither, turned and whispered
“you love but once, and it never grows old”

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Lovers Cry

Walk away my love, and I will reach back
to the stars and the smiles of our yester
To the glory that was us, and the beauty that you are
I will reach back to the love

The shiver of your lips, as they touched mine
Your fingers, they shook as they lay intertwined
with mine, and each other was all we could see
I will go back for our blissful eternity.

The days by the river, in the mid-summer high
the melody of the water as it trickled by
your feet, as your face broke into a smile
and those pearly eyes they did shine
Oh the love that was once mine.

As I sit and watch, with my heart in my hand
you walk yonder to a life untold
your hair flows proud, as your head turns away
as the love I once had, from me walks away.

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